Keys. Wallet. Phone…. I remind myself as I dragged both feet out of the house for work. The sun’s smiling brightly. Another day, another meeting. Lost in a sea of thinks and thoughts of work, family, and friends. Have I sent the proposal? Do I get to eat lunch later? Should I go to the gym? Have to cancel dinner plans with family. Maybe I’ll hang out with them next time… All day, every day.

Finally parked after endless rounds of searching. Sighed a loud sigh as one foot gets off the car. I see it. The sign, a beautiful calling. I long for it and it calls for me. I walk towards and in I was. I hear chatters and I hear brewing.. It’s mine.. It’s here, my loyal cup of Joe-anna. A familiar taste that I call home. A common drink for a common woman.

Coffee, to me, signifies power and a surge of battery. My very friend who is always there. Struck by the same feeling I get after my first sip to the last. I cup it with both hands, eyes shut, smiling at the whiff of aroma it exudes, “Sweet Love” by Anita Baker playing in the background. My barista, a God sent, chuckling at the sight of my change of moods from groggy to cheery. “Don’t drink too much coffee!” he lectures me as I strut confidently out of the café.

Keys. Wallet. Phone… Coffee, checked! And off I seize the day.

For the love of coffee, only God knows how much I have dedicated a percentage of my savings towards small cups of joy. From an Americano to a cortado, it always fills me with such content. Coffee, my companion for morning errands and late-night brainstorming sessions. From deadlines to even MORE deadlines! It brings calmness and a sense of control to such stressful moments in life.

It is quite comical how a small cup of brewed coffee can mean so much to me as a working woman. The very idea that it can alter my perception from giving up in the midst of writing reports to conquering all my tasks in a day. Some people squeeze stress balls, some opt to smoke, and others may drink tea, but I have my cup of coffee.

In some ways, I feel grateful that I could find some peace of comfort in something so trivial such as coffee. To find joy in the simplicity of morning rituals of downing a cup to start the day, and ending the night sharing stories with dear friends over the last cup for the day!


To me, the smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the greatest inventions.

– Hugh Jackman

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