Personal style is ever evolving, and I speak for everyone that we have a number of different styles. Sometimes, your fashion style depends on your mood and the occasion. We dress how we want to feel. Remember that what you wear matters, and you have to feel good.

Our own signature style is very personal as that is how you express yourself honestly: what you are confident and simultaneously create the life that fits with your authentic self. Some like to wear simple and casual, some like it refined, modest, the grunge look or chic. There is, however, one style that usually speaks to you. Read further to discover that look!

1. Find out what’s working for you.

You probably have your top go-to pieces you reach for when you want to look put-together. Pick out of your closet five of them which you’d wear every single day of your life. You’ll notice a similarity and you should start to ask yourself your fashion barometer.

2. Get rid of the stuff that isn’t ‘YOU’.

Anything that you haven’t worn for the past three years should be thrown away or given away to someone who will actually wear it. If you go back to saying “I’m going to keep this, I’m sure I’ll wear it sooner or later”, then you might have a problem. Just give it away already! Make sure that what is in your closet stays wearable and loved by you.

3. Know your body and colours.

We often fall in love with things which do not fit us well – wrong for our size. Make sure the clothes that you want fits you like how you want it to. It should flatter you and make you feel good. If it doesn’t, then it will feel as though something is ‘off’. Stick to a colour tone that you like and complements your skin. If neon is your colour, then neon is your colour.

4. Silhouettes are your best friend

Knowing your shape and dressing it well will save you from making numerous decisions to make when purchasing clothes at the store or online.

5. Identify a signature item.

When you find that signature item, stick to it. For me, it’s the Huda Beauty’s liquid matte in trendsetter which is a warm brown shade with a matte finish.  That’s my everyday lip colour!

6. Develop your signature style

Building your own style that’s you is important because that is what makes you unique and different from the rest. You want to feel confident and empowered. Wear it and work it!

It is important to remember that what makes it ideal is the woman who wears it. Be comfortable in your own skin and the rest will follow.


“Clothes aren’t going to change the world. The women who wear them will.” —Anne Klein

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