When it comes to hair care, I would say I am pretty low maintenance. I love going to the salon and getting my hair done. Leaving the place always puts me in a good mood. Going to bed with clean hair gives us numerous benefits, one of them is better hair growth. As women, we tend to want to try what is trending and what is not, what is good for our face – we love to experiment. Now, I know that we take our skincare routines seriously, but are we neglecting our hair?

Just like skin, the health of your hair is an outward sign of inside health. The cells in each strand of hair require a regular supply of key nutrients. Our bodies are on repair and rejuvenate mode while we’re asleep, so it is important to keep our skin: the scalp to be in its best condition.

So if you want gorgeous and easy-to-manage hair, consider this hair care routine:

  1. Wash your hair at night. Not only will this save you time from getting ready in the morning, but washing it at night is the key for healthy strands. Also, you should shampoo every three days because washing it every single day will strip your hair’s natural oils in your scalp and make it dry.


  1. Get regular haircuts. Hair should be trimmed at least every eight to 12 weeks, especially if you have long hair. If you notice more breakage or split ends, you might want to trim it more often to prevent the hair cuticle from splitting.


  1. Avoid using too much heat on your hair. Heat damages your hair it more than you can think, so stay away from heating your hair as much as you can. If you must, apply heat protection serum before using it.


  1.  Brush your hair through the tangles. Brush your hair once a day, and go for a plastic brush. Brush or comb it before washing it, and never brush while it’s wet as that can cause breakage as the hair is more delicate when it’s wet.


  1. Braid over a bun. I know that there is plenty of us that are always tempted to tie up our hair into a ponytail or a bun. If you do, remember not to tie it tightly because this can cause breakage and damage your hair in so many levels. Opt for a braid as it is somewhat safer for the hair.


  1. Use silk. Sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase is not only luxurious, but it is key. When hair is against cotton, it causes friction and static.


  1. Eat right. Your diet reflects on your hair, skin, and nails. Drink plenty of water, fresh juices and coconut water as they provide your hair with the nourishment that it needs.


  1. Apply nourishing oil at night. Applying oil on the hair is a traditional way to improve the quality and strength of your hair. It helps smoothen the cuticle that acts as a protective coat. Coconut oil, jojoba oil, lavender oil are some of the oils you could use.

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