“I can only stand in heels, I can barely walk in them”

“Are heels really made for walking?”

Are you the kind of woman who tends to ask these kinds of questions? Well, fret not, you are not alone! I am one of those who wants to look tall and confident in high heels, walking around a mall or attending a wedding but just end up being in so much pain and seeing red marks on my feet, and sometimes with blisters. Ouch!

I find myself wondering how others could walk perfectly without complaining. Am I wearing it wrong?

If you are looking for answers just as how I am, to be able to strut confidently and graceful in them heels, you’ve come to the right place.


First of all, find the right fit. Some sizes vary between designers or the height of the heels. You might be a size 5 for your sneakers. Your size for high heels, however, would differ. It is best that you go to the shop or shoe boutique yourself. Try them on and take note of the sizes. It is up to you if you want to buy on the spot or survey the prices first online.

Besides finding the right fit, quality is important. I know it is tempting to grab a pair of shoes sold at a cheaper price. You may be thinking, “Oh this is much cheaper! I could buy three pairs of Brand B from the price of one pair of Brand A”. Let me tell you this, stop yourself. It is more likely that you will end up having a bad time because of your footwear. Find good quality shoes and you will notice the difference if you are looking at the perspective of ‘comfort’.

With the heels you just bought, break them in. Walk around your house with your pumps to help mould them to the shape of your foot. You could also try wearing socks to ever-so-slightly stretch out the material. You could also try using a hairdryer while wearing them (with socks on) so it moulds to the shape of your feet.

Posture is everything. Our bodies tend to lean forward leaving us unbalanced. Be wary of your posture!

To me, wearing thin heels is like walking on stilts. The height alters our center of balance and our bodies tend to lean forward making us look unbalanced. It is crucial to be wary of your posture. When wearing them, put your heel down first, and then your tow. This will make your walk look more natural.

Rest and recover. It is no secret that wearing stilettos are bad for your feet and can cause all sorts of foot problems. Treat your feet to a massage and soak, whether it’s at home or at a spa. Soak your feet in epsom salt, splurge on a really great foot massage to take care of your arches, or a nice DIY, massage your feet with your choice of oil or lotion.

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