It is no surprise that accessories can either make or break an outfit. The right accessory can add that extra pop of colour you need to make your outfit look put together, and even the most well-put together outfits can look trashy or that “off” feeling, with the smallest accessory.

Long or large statement earrings

Wear a small pendant to complement, avoid wearing large necklaces as this will only complicate your whole look.


Styling Your Accessories Right

Rings and all that bling

Wearing a ring on hand and a bracelet or bangle on another is fine, as the visual distance is wider. Focus point should be on your statement jewellery, which is the earrings, in this case. Proportion is key when wearing multiple jewelleries. Try to keep it to one statement piece whenever you’re in doubt!

Styling Your Accessories Right

Monochromatic Necklaces

To balance out your colourful outfits, monochromatic necklaces will make it work like a charm. You can use crystal necklaces to keep the look hip.

Bold in colour

Coloured statement necklace on a simple white or plain shirt looks amazing. Match it with your shoes, purse, nails or even the colour of your eyes and everything will just pop!

Old Clothes touch up!

Got an old top that still fits? Style it up with a statement necklace or earrings (your pick!) and it will revamp the entire look!


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