Happiness is…that first sip of coffee in the morning. Don’t you just love walking into a café and smelling the freshly roasted coffee beans and hearing the sound of coffee being brewed?

A café is a happy place for plenty of people, and it is usually the place to get your focus and motivation. Leaving the comfort and quiet solitude of your home or workplace seems like it is always a good idea.

Coffee is best known as the stimulating beverage that helps people wake up in the morning, including me. I cannot stress enough that this beverage is oh-so-reliable that has kept veins pumping for years. It gives life to many mornings and has been the best friend you need at night during university when you have long nights of studying and assignments.

From its scent to its taste, it has an overall and inviting experience. When I take that first sip, I feel comforted, and I am at ease, I feel ready to start my day.

I started drinking coffee during exam week when I was about 16 years old. It helped me study in the early mornings before anyone woke up. I used to see my sister drink it every morning, and it got me curious so I tried it. Before that, however, I always thought it tasted funny, bitter and wondered why would anyone drink that stuff? Jokes on me! I love it now.

Whenever I’m on vacation I like to explore and try different cafés, it is always different but one thing is always there: the beautiful aroma!

When I am at a coffee shop, to the clinking of coffee cups, to the easy laughter of fellow café-goers, just easily makes my day. Doing my work at the café helps me too when I see others doing theirs. There is more to cafés than meets the eye. Being in a café provides just the right amount of noise to get your brain moving. That creative side of the brain usually does not like it when it is too quiet. It needs a little distraction to get you moving.

If you feel like your work is starting to slip through the cracks or you feel as though you cannot give your best, consider heading someplace new, with the sole intention to get work done. Sometimes all you need is a different atmosphere. You’ll be surprised how much it will help you.

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