In this fickle old world of fashion, it is ever-changing which makes a particular style stay popular then get substituted by another. Classic fashion is a style that stays in fashion for a long period of time. The classic pieces reinvents itself, and are those which you can wear over and over again and have a hard time of going out of style: it stays simple, sleek, tasteful and chic.

  1. Little black dress

This is what every woman must always have in their wardrobe. For the days when you don’t know what to wear today, when nothing seems to fit you nicely, opt for that little black dress hanging in your closet just waiting to be worn. It makes most ladies look slimmer and it is an ideal option for any season of the year. It is a simple dress which you can pair up with the right accessories for whichever occasion you’re going for. You can wear your nice LBD and nobody will ever know whether it is new or old.

  1. Florals

Floral prints and summer go hand in hand and it brings the sweetness down. It is super romantic and injects some personality in your look. It could be floral top, a floral dress, a floral skirt or even a floral bag. Pair it up with a pastel coloured skirt, or a pair of jeans and add a nice pair of sunglasses and you are good to go!

  1. Polka dots

Chances are you were dressed in polka dots as a child. Polka dots are a classic and tend to go “in” and “out” of trend every few seasons. This pattern adds a playful element to your real-life wardrobe, from romantic blouses to sneakers and even retro swimwear. It is definitely a timeless classic.

  1. Animal prints

Animal prints are like neutrals and you can wear it with almost anything. It adds a little edge to your wardrobe and is eye-catching to others. From leopard print, to tigers to cheetahs, it is attention grabbing and can be worn with everything. I’ve seen it on silk fabrics women wear for attending events or in the festive season. It adds attitude to your whole look!

  1. Black pumps

One wardrobe essential that never goes out of style is a pair of black pumps. Invest in a good quality and classic style of black pumps to complete your look. Pair it with a pair of jeans or a dress and just like that you will look chic! These black pumps can be your saviour when feel like you’re underdressed and it helps give you that feminine and charming look.

  1. Jeans

Denim isn’t going anywhere. It is not in a hurry to go away. Versatile, it is here for keeps. Will see you right through and you can wear it for almost any occasion. It should be a staple for anyone’s closet, whether it is skinny, flared, baggy, bootleg or straight-leg.

  1. Plain white T-shirt

Simplicity is sometimes the epitome of style. It goes with everything. Whether it’s a crew neck, round neck, v-neck or a scoop neck. It is a staple you can wear any day of the year. To add a casual element to silky, beaded, or sequined skirts. Sometimes a plain T-shirt with a pair of jeans is enough; then accessorizing your ensemble is so easy and fun.

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