Scrolling through Instagram, I stumbled upon a post by @twosonscoffee. A calling for a ‘cupping’ session. Now, this is where one realizes the world of coffee can be complicated yet extraordinary because of its jargons and choice of words. So what in the world is a cupping session? If you’re living in Asia like me, I bet the first thought that comes to mind is ‘bekam’. But I can assure you, that is definitely not what @twosonscoffee is referring to. Upon further Googling, ‘Cupping session’ is what coffee connoisseurs describes as the activity of tasting different coffee beans with a group of people. Sounds pretty simple and exciting enough to do on a Saturday night… right? I’m sold!

Saturday comes. I’m standing by the glass door. Sudden realization hits. I did not prepare anything for this so-called cupping session. I see 12 cups of ground coffee beans placed on the table, its placed accordingly with numbers allocated next to the cups. Looks more intense than I imagined it to be. Welp.

I was welcomed by the friendly baristas and soon after, more people came in for the cupping. And thus, we start. One by one, we introduced ourselves to one another and we were briefed upon what to take into account when tasting the coffee. From smelling the aroma of each cup to having little sips to find out the taste of the coffee beans WITHOUT reading the tasting notes. Sounds pretty simple…. Right? No.

It’s definitely a whole different experience where you just rely on your sense of smell, touch and sight to find out the origins of the beans. You are only allowed to discuss what you taste after you have tasted all the coffee. But me being a competitive noob, I whispered to my friend after my first few sips “nutty flavor..?” and he says to me “no, it’s fruity”. There goes my sense of taste down the drain. We started sharing notes and laughing about each cup with each other and when we were all done, everyone else shared their thoughts.

One person described that he had tasted oak wood with an undertone of burnt sugar from one of the cups. And then there was me who uses such descriptions like chocolatey, nutty, fruity…. In my defense, it was my first cupping session and I didn’t know we could say it tasted like strawberries. It was humorous as each one told their taste and I only got a few notes correct. Just goes to show that reading tasting notes on bean bags can really affect how you taste your coffee.

Overall it was a wholesome experience, I met so many great people who were passionate for coffee. The owner of the cafe explained each origins of beans with such enthusiasm. It is always refreshing to meet people who does what they love for a living! So, Fabuloves, go ahead and try cupping with your friends!

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